My vegan, vegetarian & organic Oslo city guide.


During my most recent trip to Oslo, a month ago, I realised with great pleasure that the norwegian capital was not to be outdone in terms of vegetarian-friendly and vegan restaurants, as well as pleasant places to shop organic food and beauty products!

While travelling, even though I really like to explore new places, I also take a massive amount of pleasure in going back again and again to cities and areas that I already know. Mostly in order to assess by myself how they’ve changed and evolved over time, but also to try and see them with the eyes of a local! I can’t help but ask myself the exact same question, in every corner of the world I visit: “could you live here?”

And in this case, Oslo is clearly a winner! I had mixed feeling about the city during my first visit some 13 or 14 years ago, but now, after my last two stays, the answer is a big and sincere yes! Even more now that I’ve discoverd some interesting vege-friendly restaurants and grocery shops!

So here is my little veggie and organic Oslo city guide!

Ullevålsveien 39, 0171 Oslo
Open every day until 21h // Bio // Vegetarian and vegan-friendly


Røtter is a nice grocery shop where you can find vegetables & fruits, good bread, meat alternatives, vegan cheese etc… and also a lot of organic beauty products, some of which are even made in Norway (stay tuned for more info on that subject very soon).

Røtter has a second location in Oslo (Røtter Frogner / Colbjørnsensgate 12), but I’ve only visited the one in St Hanshaugen, a nice and trendy (but not “over-hip”!) part of the city which served as home base during my stay. Røtter was litteraly at the corner of my street and I must say that it turned out really convenient to grab my organic pasta the day before the half-marathon!

Every time I went employees were very nice and helpful. Prices are a bit high (as it is almost always the case in Norway unfortunately), but, if you pay attention to what you choose, it is acceptable.
Nevertheless, if you want a better value for your money, it is apparently worth checking Sunkost Gunerius (Storgaten, 32) out.

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