Lyon Urban trail by night: my first trail running experience!


I don’t know what you did last saturday but, given the fantastic weather (!), staying cosy with a good herbal tea or going out for a pinte of Guinness in the warmth of your local pub were probably the two most suitable options for the evening!

Otherwise, you could also try another alternative: running the Lyon Urban Trail by night! Which is, as it name suggests, a trail race in the city of Lyon. By night. Under the rain. Well, well, well…

And I bet you see me coming a mile off! Of course, I went for the rain and the mud! It’s been on my agenda for a long time and, believe me, giving up because of bad weather was not even an option!
For my first trail running race, I chose the smallest distance of 12km and had the pleasure to run with Mister Bio, who is not normally interested in official races.

We left for Lyon quite early in the afternoon and managed to grab our race numbers without having to queue up.
After that, and in order to avoid waiting under the rain for too long, we found shelter under one of the tents of the small race village located on the hill of Fourvière. And, around 7pm, we eventually joined the starting line!

Everyone was wearing a little headlamp, so it was really beautiful and it made the atmosphere quite unique! Rain was supposed to stop but in fact the exact opposite happened: it intensified just before the start! But Continue reading