My vegan, vegetarian & organic Oslo city guide.

During my most recent trip to Oslo, a month ago, I realised with great pleasure that the norwegian capital was not to be outdone in terms of vegetarian-friendly and vegan restaurants, as well as pleasant places to shop organic food and beauty products!

While travelling, even though I really like to explore new places, I also take a massive amount of pleasure in going back again and again to cities and areas that I already know. Mostly in order to assess by myself how they’ve changed and evolved over time, but also to try and see them with the eyes of a local! I can’t help but ask myself the exact same question, in every corner of the world I visit: “could you live here?”

And in this case, Oslo is clearly a winner! I had mixed feeling about the city during my first visit some 13 or 14 years ago, but now, after my last two stays, the answer is a big and sincere yes! Even more now that I’ve discoverd some interesting vege-friendly restaurants and grocery shops!

So here is my little veggie and organic Oslo city guide!

Ullevålsveien 39, 0171 Oslo
Open every day until 21h // Bio // Vegetarian and vegan-friendly


Røtter is a nice grocery shop where you can find vegetables & fruits, good bread, meat alternatives, vegan cheese etc… and also a lot of organic beauty products, some of which are even made in Norway (stay tuned for more info on that subject very soon).

Røtter has a second location in Oslo (Røtter Frogner / Colbjørnsensgate 12), but I’ve only visited the one in St Hanshaugen, a nice and trendy (but not “over-hip”!) part of the city which served as home base during my stay. Røtter was litteraly at the corner of my street and I must say that it turned out really convenient to grab my organic pasta the day before the half-marathon!

Every time I went employees were very nice and helpful. Prices are a bit high (as it is almost always the case in Norway unfortunately), but, if you pay attention to what you choose, it is acceptable.
Nevertheless, if you want a better value for your money, it is apparently worth checking Sunkost Gunerius (Storgaten, 32) out.

Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo
Open from Tuesday to Sunday // Vegetarian-friendly


This beautiful food court opened exactly 4 years ago and is located in a pleasant red brick building on the bank of the Akerselva (and for me who studied at Birmingham Uni, red bricks bring back very good memories!). There, you can find bars and restaurants, but also buy food from Norwegian small-scale producers and importers.

Not everything is vegetarian-friendly (far from it), but you’ll find a few available options!
For instance, Noodles, an Asian fast food and takeaway, can cook you a tasty wok with tofu instead of meat or fish.
And if you want a good coffee or tea, you should try Solberg & Hansen, where you will not find any sugar or milk! 😉

One last thing, try not to make the mistake I made and come here to have lunch more than dinner as it closes fairly early!

Aktivisten kafé
Toftes Gate 68A, 0552 Oslo
Open from Monday to Sunday// Vegan


Contrary to the others, this address is 100% vegan and off the beaten tracks. It is run by activists and it reminds me a bit of Kino Cafe in Bristol, where I went last year.
Big plus: prices are cheap for Norway!

New Anarkali
Thorvald Meyers gate 76, 0550 Oslo
Vegetairan and vegan-friendly


One day, believe me, I’ll be able to write a whole book about Indian restaurants all over the world. If you’re interested, I even have a good address to recommend in Orkney, an archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland!

I love Indian food and it’s usually a good idea to find a wide range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly  dishes.
New Anarkali, located in trendy Grünerløkka, is no exception to that rule! And in addition, it’s a great option to have dinner out in Oslo without bankrupting yourself!

Funky Fresh Food / Funky Fresh Café
Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo,
Ouvert du lundi au dimanche // Bio // Vegan


Located in the same buildingas DogA, the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture, Funky Fresh Food consists of a cafe and a grocery.

It is not far  from Mathallen at all and I literally went past it EVERY DAY during my stay, without stopping by! Well, nevermind, I’ll use that as a good excuse to come back to Oslo soon! (And yes, I am that crazy: last time, on the leaving plane, I decided that I absolutely had to come back to pay a visit to Neseblod, THE black metal record shop you could not miss while in Oslo and that I somehow managed to miss anyway!).

Even though I did not go directly to Funly Fresh Foods this time, I tasted their crispy Kale chips and they were brilliant!

Flavours Foodmarket
Østbanehallen / Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo
Organic // Vegetarian and vegan-friendly


If you need a little healthy and organic snack before taking the train, you can try Flavours, located in the old train station (and just next to the new sentralstasjon). The place is really nice, with its metallic Eiffel-like structure.

At Flavours, you’ll find loads of options to eat on the go (sandwichs, salads, smoothies etc), as well as fruits and vegetables, and even norwegian beers!
Once again, pay attention to what you buy if you want to have some money left for the rest of your journey!

I have not tried the vegetarian and vegan fast food Loving Hut, but they have two restaurants in Oslo.
And, in addition, you can also pay a visit to one of Oslo markets (for local but not necessarily organic products). They take place every sunday in different locations: Valkyrie Plass, Birkelunden, Aker Brygge and Youngstorget.

Plus, if you’re looking for vegan food in Norway, it might be worth checking out this app : Vegan Norway.

I hope that this little city guide will help you planning your next trip to this fine city and I invite you yo join me again here in a few day to discover a few norwegian organic and naturel beauty brands!

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