Three natural & organic beauty brands made in Norway!

In order to complete this little series in relation to my last stay in Oslo, I’ve decided to share with you my discovery of three natural and organic beauty brands entirely made in Norway.

Let’s begin with my absolute favourite between these three gems!
Neven is a small-scale brand created exactly two years ago in Oslo by Mila and Veli. They produce zero-waste, cold-processed soaps and shampoo bars, as well as other natural body products such as body butters, lip balms, salves and serums. Everything is created and packaged from scratch and by hand.

Speaking of the packaging, they are simply gorgeous! Most of them are made of very cute glass jars and bottles. And, cherry on top, the price range is fairly affordable (remember: Norway is not a cheap country at all in general!).

I have several Neven products and I am particularly fond of the “Relax” mood serum which I’ve had the opportunity to try out for the brand’s second anniversary (it will be available online soon apparently).
It’s a simple perfumed oil serum made out of jojoba oil and several essential oils, and packaged into a little glass tube with  steel roller ball. Its smell is heavenly and I got into the habit of dropping off a small quantity on my wrists and smelling it as often as I want to!

As I’m getting more and more interested in natural and hand-made fragrances (plus I have also changed quite heavily my habits in term of perfum use), I must say that I am always delighted to discover new scents and alternative ways to use and wear them.
Wearing perfum can really by much more intimate than the wide-spread use consisting of spraying oneself generously with totally synthetic and soulless scents!

Enough with this long digression, let’s talk about the second brand I discovered: organic skincare, coming  from the stormy (and absolutely beautiful) west coast of Norway. It is certified organic by the norwegian Debio label, and of course, it does not test on animals.

As their website is not translated into english, it can be a bit tricky to find your way around! I am now lucky enough to be able to understand a few norwegian words and moreover, I asked a guy from Røtter in Oslo an awful lot of questions!

So, almost all of their references are 100% from natural origin (only 5 products out of 78 contain a synthetic preservative, and they are mainly destinated to skins suffering from atopic dermatitis).
Parabens, alcohol, synthetic perfum, mineral oils, among others, are totally banned from the formulas. All of the oils are natural and cold-pressed, all of the ingredients are certified organic, and the packaging are both stylish and graphic!

Five different ranges are available, each one being destined to a different type of skin/hair:
Favn for sensitive and atopic skin and scalp.
Grøde for all types of skin, and for hair in need of volume.
Kime for dry skin and scalp. Can also be used for its anti-aging property.
Sevje for combination to oily skins, and for all types of hair. Can also be used for its effect on blood circulation.
Villvind soothing for all types af skin and scalp.

I have only tested their jojoba oil at the moment but I hope to be able to get my hands on the Sevje or Villvind body scrub soon. The big bottles of liquid soap are also very stylished!
Unfortunatly, it seems to be a bit difficult to find RÅ products outside Norway, and they are also quite expensive.


Lastely, let my introduce the third brand: Elde, created in 2013 by a young entrepreneur in his twenties!
Elde produces both skin care products and make-up. I have not personally tried their range yet and have not brought anything back from Oslo either, simply because I had no need at the moment! Plus I wasn’t sure everything was made in Norway. I checked that up and yes, their products are made in Norway! They are also certified cruelty-free and vegan, but nor organic (nevertheless, some of their ingredients are organic).
Formulas are clean, a lot of nasty ingredients are banned (see the list here) and all of the products are free from essential oils which can be interesting for some people.
On the website, when you mouse over the ingredients, some additional info is displayed!
And contrary to Neven and RÅ, Elde can be found in numerous countries .

Illustration provenant du site de la marque.
(c) Elde

I hope this little overview  got you interested in discovering new natural and organic beauty products from all over the world!
And please, do not hesitate to share your own favourites with me!

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